Kaldi African Tea

A wide range of Kaldi Flavoured tea to suite different occasion and moods.

Our Kaldi African tea is well renowned for its medicinal and relaxing effect. Kaldi black tea, brews up a robust cup with a malty, fruit aroma and full bodied taste. The golden tipped leaves yield a pure black tea flavor and a long, smooth finish. Kaldi black tea pairs well with milk and sugar, a perfect breakfast Tea.100% pure Kaldi African Tea, characterized by its intense brightness.

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Kaldi black tea, grown in the highlands of Africa, is plucked by hand to ensure that only the tender and succulent Tea Leaves are plucked. The golden tipped leaves yields a bold breakfast tea with wonderful brisk notes and hints of berry. African teas are famed for their high catechin levels, the powerful antioxidants known to protect the body from harmful effects of free radicals

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