Cupping is the industry term used to describe a professional coffee-tasting. Using this method, coffee is evaluated all around the world. We use this tool many times a week to select our coffees, train the palates of our staff, and determine the flavor notes that we put on our bags.

Cupping provides a consistent method for evaluating coffees. All coffees receive the same treatment when brewing in a cupping bowl and the process itself allows for many different coffees to be brewed at once and thus be ready for drinking at a similar time. As our staff walks around the cupping table, we take quick notes of tastes, body, sweetness, and other attributes before moving to the next bowl. Many passes may be required before we are ready to complete the evaluation by giving the coffee a "score".

One of the hallmarks of cupping is the use of a cupping spoon and the notorious "slurp". The slurp is not just the completely deterioration of manners - it is a pivotal part of tasting! The act aerates the coffee and spreads it fully over the tongue, giving the tasting a much fuller view of the tastes a coffee than simply drinking out of a mug. This can be a little odd to those just getting into the world of cupping coffee, but you quickly get used to it, especially when you really start grabbing all of the delicious notes. All this to say that the cupping room is simultaneously a very thoughtful yet noisy place!

There is no better way to truly know a coffee than through context and mindful drinking. Cupping provides both of these things. This is why a visit to our Roastery will more often than not involve seeing our team in our Cupping Lab, walking around a table full of cupping bowls, and enjoying coffees from around the world so that we can bring that same enjoyment to you.


Our Public Coffee Classes are back on.

Please contact us at to find out when we can book you in.

Each class is limited to 10 people ( Unless part of a joint tour with Igoglass ) and will be held on advanced booking. Classes run about an hour long. All classes are held at our Roastery. You don’t need to bring anything except a mask, an engaged palate and an open mind.